Proverbs and Sayings of the Caucasian Mountain Peoples

Proverbs and Sayings of the Caucasian Mountain Peoples

Compiled by Oleg Shamba

Remember at least a word From the wise words of a sage, That it may not be lost. For even the splinter of a big tree Gives us warmth, when burning in a stove. K. Lomia (Translated from the Abkhazian)

From the Compiler

The mountains sing… Their hoary peaks, in their snow-white fur hats, carry on a conversation among themselves. They are laconic witnesses of time long past. Even the stones here speak. The mountain peoples of the Caucasus imbibed the song of their native soil with their mother's milk, their folklore is rich in proverbs and sayings. Their themes differ, each is a small work of art, reflecting their everyday life, the history and the social and political thinking of the peoples. A bit over 800 proverbs and sayings have been included in this book, which is only a small grain in the gold fund of the folklore so widespread in our day. The edition, of course, is far from complete; however, it gives at least an idea of the talent and wisdom of the mountain peoples of the Caucasus - this lovely territory, with its ancient culture, rich history, that has, from time immemorial, drawn the attention of thinkers, historians, students of local lore, travellers to it, like a magnet. In their majority the sayings are apt in their colouring, originality and rhythms. In quite a number of cases, unfortunately, this aptness is lost in translation, as it is difficult to fit them into the philological form of another language. The works of scientific-research institutes, of various authors, magazines, in direct conversations with the elders, and the archives of the compiler are the basic sources used for the compilation of this book. Oleg Shamba


One loses his homeland – loses all.

One who does not love his homeland can love nothing.

The land is good where you were fed, but not better the one you were born on.

The best country is your motherland, the best friend is your mother.

In his land one cannot be lost, outside it one cannot rejoice.

The native land is your mother, a foreign land – stepmother.

It’s better to be a poor man in your homeland than a king in Cairo.

He who doesn’t live in his homeland knows nothing about the test of life.

He who battles under the native skies gains the lion’s courage.

To survive a winter in your native land is better than to live ten years of spring in another land.

The native land – is the past, the present and the future of a nation.

Each has only one native land and only one mother.


If you want to test a friend – look at him in anger.

Your father died – don’t lose his friends.

An unreliable friend is worse than a traitor.

Learn your friend before you are ready for a journey, a neighbour before you start building a house.

If your faithful friend turns into a flaming shirt – do not cast it off.

A good friend is better than a bad brother.

The one who has no steadfast word will have no friends.

A bitter word of your friend is honey with butter, a sweet word of your enemy – poison.

The friendly lamb’s hide can cover you while the unfriendly bull’s hide will not do that.

Your friend is your mirror.

It is better to have a wise enemy than a stupid friend.

Being together with a good friend you can travel to the ends of Earth.

Two hands are stronger than one.

Two joining together, can move mountains.

Happiness, where are you going to? – There, where friendship exists.
There can be no friendship between the wolf and the goat.

It is easy to find a friend – it is hard to preserve the friendship.

If the neighbours are good ones, even a blind girl will get married.

That enemy is dangerous who wears the mask of a friend.

The strength of life is in friendship.

Who stands alone is bound up, who stands together with others is free.

Even a bird doesn’t live singly in the woods.

If you’re a friend to everyone – that means to no one.

Do not make friends to those with flexible conscience.

One who doesn’t want to know the truth from his friend – he is hopeless.

Two mountains don’t meet, but two people do meet.

One brother without another is like an eagle without wings.

If a friend comes to your place – offer him what you have, if a bad person comes – feed him well.


Labour feeds a man – idleness spoils him.

To walk about aimlessly better than to sit idle.

If you want fame – respect labour.

Before baking bread, you must knead it.

Sown in time will sprout in time.

A hard-working man will never sit idle.

A piece of pepper obtained with labour is sweeter than honey.

One who grows a forest never destroys it.

To work together is more cheer, to eat together is tastier.

Two neighbours’ milk cows in a different way.

There is no rest without labour.

If two heads are consent and two pairs of hands work – the house will get prosperity.

Labour with your friend is joy; honey with an enemy is grief.

Isn’t sown in spring, isn’t sprouted in autumn.

Finish a job – first get rest first.

Be moderate in eating, but not in work.

The owner of the land is the one who sows it.

What was done while sowing would be found while threshing.

He who loses one day in summer will stay hungry for ten days in winter.

What was obtained with hard labour will be tastier later.

If you work – you eat meat, if don’t – you gulp down sorrow.

One who doesn’t work, he cannot enjoy rest.

A put off job is buried with snow.

If you want fish – get into the water.

A job fears the worker, while an idler fears the job.

Who loves a job will be a master.

Labour and knowledge are twins.

A field is sowed not with words, but with seeds.

Only labour feeds man.

Who does not value a kopeck takes no care of a ruble.

To roll up your sleeves does not mean to milk a cow.

Pinning your hopes on God only you’ll get nothing.

Who has two jobs in sight at a moment will carry out none.

If a person wishes – even a goat will give milk.

Respect and valour – are on the ground, bow down and pick them up.

A pot won’t boil until a cook won’t boil.

A short way to fame – is labour.


Do a kind deed and throw it into the water – it won’t be lost.

It is easier to stop rain than a girl who is going to get married.

Men look for a beautiful woman, a homely one looks for a husband herself.

Love hides a lot of faults.

A man perishes for his friends, a woman for her beloved one.

What is hidden in heart is reflected on face.

Who has not given birth to a child does not know love and whose children have not gone does not know grief.

Having given freedom to your body’s desires, have also patience in appearing misfortunes.

If you build a bridge – you will cross it yourself. If you dig a pit for someone else – you will fall into it yourself.

Partial eyes are blind.

One, who loves another’s wife, becomes a friend of her husband.

When they were asked to bring the most beautiful item, a crow brought its fledgling.

A mother’s anger is like snow: there is much of it but it melts quickly.

The one who loves you tells you about your faults directly, but the one who hate you will tell about them behind your back.

The one who is loved seemed to be beautiful.

Who values a bride, goes to get her himself.

A mother beating does not hurt.

A beloved is forgiven for everything.

A person in love has poor eyesight.

One who does not love children does not love anyone.

Love a child – love its crying, too.

Those who did not love – did not live.

If you are afraid of love then you are afraid of life.

True love knows no fear.


A crow saw an armed man and thought: “If he is smart – he won’t fire at me and if he’s foolish – he won’t hit me.”

Rather than pretending to be a fool, it is better to pretend to be wise.

Mind is a necessary condition for happiness.

Education is a guest – intellect is the host.

He is not a fool who sowed in the attic, but the one who helped him.

One of the sage’s signs is patience.

Wisdom is intellect infused on conscience.

If you give a way to your enemy you will remain without your road and boots.

A person is recognised not by his beard, but by his intellect: a goat also has a beard.

The entire village cannot be stupid, you can find wise men among the stupid.

If one and the same person tricks you three times – you’re stupid, if you have fallen into one and the same pit three times – you’re blind.

If a person who does not know what to say keeps silence, he isn’t stupid.

Intellect has no price, and upbringing has no limits.

A person who doesn’t know but listens to one, who does, is not stupid.

Two minds are better than one.

Science is the best treasury: it can’t be stolen, won’t burn, disappear or get lost – it is always with you.

Let intellect go forward, let anger go behind.

To whom, when and what he has given – is what the miser tells.

About what he has seen in his life – is what the sage tell us.
Praising spoils a stupid man.

An uneducated man is blind.

The one who throws off his fur coat when he is warmed up, and throws out bread when he has eaten his fill, is stupid.

A man grows stupid because of greediness.

The one is wise who asks people’s advice.

Intellect destroys mountains – drunkenness destroys intellect.

Be able to manage with a stupid person, and a clever one will manage with you himself.

You can glorify a fool or respect him but you cannot give him your mind.

The one who has intelligence has self-control, too.

In catching a hare with a hand intelligence is more important than the hand.

Put a stupid man on top of a horse, he won’t recognise his own father.

Happiness recoils from a hand of a stupid man.

The bigger the village, the more mind it has.

If the speaker is stupid, then the listener at least ought to be clever.

Who takes advice makes no mistakes.

Brains in head – pure gold.

Intellect is determined not by the age of a person, but by his mind.

The one with a strong hand – downs one, the one strong with knowledge – downs thousands.

Wisdom is an assistant of happiness.

Try to conquer not the world, but its knowledge.

The sage listens more than speaks.

Make shoes for a dog – it will chew them up.

Go to haul rocks with a sage but don’t go to eat porridge with butter with a stupid man.

Grapes get a colour from other grapes; a man gets intellect from another person.

One fool can ask so many questions that ten sages won’t answer.

Who argued with the village remained out of the village.

Indicretion is stupidity – patience is wisdom.

The wisdom of a stupid one lies in his silence.

The dagger in the hands of a stupid one is more dangerous than the same in the hands of a brave one is.

The wisdom of a stupid person lies in silence.

Wisdom has bounds – stupidity is boundless.

Clever man is not the one who knows what is good and what is bad, but the one who chooses the least evil.


The one who jostled the tsar is not afraid of courtiers.

The one who is sure in his strength does not threaten.

A frightened dog will even bark at the stars.

People know more about hero than his family does.

And a mosquito copes with a lion at times:

The weapons of a coward belong to the brave.

A hero dies once – a coward a hundred times.

Let the mother die rather than give birth to a coward.

Courage, like Lighting, is instantaneous.

Courage of one man – cannot take the fortress.

To lose courage means to lose everything.

The grave of a hero is not in the cemetery.

To begin without fear is same as victory.

A dog will bite a coward, even if he is on top of a horse.

To retreat before an inevitable defeat is not cowardice.

If an eagle leads a flight of birds, then it becomes like the flight of eagle. If a crow leads it – then it will only lead to the carrion.

If the horsemen loses courage, then the horse will not gallop.

If your companion is a coward, do not fight with a bear.

Even a mouse is brave at times, if its hole is nearing.

Courage – this is the ability to manage not only your horse but yourself too.

Meeting your enemy eye to eye – act boldly.

Where people live there you will find a hero.

The weak quarrels.

Fear will not save you from courage.

Cowardice is a companion of falsehood.

A coward is afraid of his own shadow.

Only war can repulse war.


A good person brings peace.

The sun beautifies the world, while education – a person.

Fame doesn’t come of itself – it has to be won.

If you will not respect yourself, then no one will respect you.

The most beautiful attire is modesty.

The one who has seen a lot is better than the one who lived long.

It is better to be confident than to conjecture.

It is never too late to study.

You recognise a master from his works.

Who has travelled, who has seen, who has studied – he has knowledge.

If you have a head on your shoulders, you will get a hat.

If you know how to take, learn how to give.

A man with a song – he is a rider, and without it – a pedestrian.

A good name is better than treasure.

He who does not save kopecks is himself not worth roubles.

The one who thinks of the consequences cannot be brave.

Conscience is stronger than torture in hell.

It is easy to become a scientist, it is harder to become a human being.

It is best to die with honour, than to live without honour.

He, who does not live for others, does not live for himself.

If a capable man lights a fire – it will flare up even on the bottom of the sea, while if one incapable does it – it won’t flare up even on land.

The garden adorns the gardener.

A generous person always has money in his pocket.

Tenderness beautifies woman.

Steel is tempered in fire, a person – in battles and difficulties.

It is not shameful to beg – it is shameful to rob.

Truth is stronger than force.

It is better to be thin and free, than to be replete and on a leash.

May you dagger be a wooden one, if only your heart is of iron.

There has to be a limit to everything – even to modesty.

A clean person will not be scorched by fire, but a dirty person will not be washed clean even in water.

Beauty lasts up to the evening, while kindness – for eternity.

Beauty is lovely even in an old dress.

It is difficult to be good, but easy to be bad.


There are not black sheep in your own family.

A crust of bread does not became stale in a big family.

Parents are for the children, the children – for themselves.

The hand has only five fingers, but they are equal – so the children are.

You cannot bring up a child with only affection.

The home that has a lot of noise has little brains.

One, who cannot defend his hearth, another will seize his hearth.

A childless family has no happiness.

Wax is modelled while it’s hot; a child is reared from childhood.

He who doesn’t respect his elders is unworthy of respect himself.

The father’s character affects the son’s at least once a day.

On the marriage of your son seek the advice of a dozen, on a divorce – of a hundred.

One in the world it is not a misfortune. Bad children – that is a misfortune:

Do not be only the son of your father, but the son of your people.

As the root – so the shoots.

Family needs peace.

There is nothing better than a good wife, there is nothing worse than a bad wife: but good or bad – you can’t do without either.

Father is cursed because of a bad son.

Mother of the brave son doesn’t cry.

The children of your children are sweeter than honey.

The mother is the support of the home.

A family without love – a tree without roots.

If you work day and night all your life – the work of your mother cannot be requited.

A child must be brought up while he’s in the cradle, a calf – while it’s tied up.

Son will not become good only because his father is good.

A house with children is a bazaar, a house without children – a grave.

A son is the monument to his father.

Whatever you do for your father, your son will do it for you.

Children strengthen love.

If you want to wed a girl, get to know her mother first.

An industrious son – happiness to his mother, a lazy son – tears to his mother.

Do not doubt your mother or your father.


Your native language is like a loving mother.

Your native language is a medicine.

The one who has a long tongue usually has little strength.

Speak to one who values your word.

The tongue brings both glory and disgrace.

What happened to me was the result of my tongue.

A snake can replace leather, but never a language.

If you lie today they won’t believe you tomorrow.

The tongue is boneless – it will say every thing you want it to.

It is easy to say – hard to do.

What they say among the people is the truth.

A bullet will down one, a word – a dozen.

If you want to keep your head – don’t wag your tongue.

Although it’s good to speak a lot, silence is still better.

A weak man has a long tongue.

Don’t take a chatterer fishing even.

A wounded made with a sabre will be whole again, but if made with the tongue – it will not heal.

What will pass through one mouth, will pass through a hundred.

The tongue of a windbag will beat the windbag.

A tongue without bones breaks bones.

You cannot smash even a mosquito with words only.

A kind word will sheathe an unsheathed sabre.

You can eat a sheep’s tongue, but be afraid of a man’s one.

A wise word is the best wealth.

If you are not asked do not speak much.

A word of the tongue like the bullet from a gun: you won’t catch it.

A kind word – a door into the soul.

The tongue makes gold and the tongue makes dirt.

Even a stone will grow kinder because of a good word.

Even a snake will come out of its hole from mincing words.

Until a word flies off your lips – it is your slave, when it escapes – you are its slave.

The one, who speaks well, speaks briefly.


A miserly person can be wise, gifted, but he cannot be charming.

The one who has stolen a buffalo and the one who has stolen a needle – both are thieves.

”Without eating I can’t work, after eating – I’m sleepy,” said the idler.

When a wise man errs, people think he says so on purpose.

Envious people are unfortunate.

Those who do not know what to do, switch on the lamp in the daytime.

Having done evil do not wait for anything good.

If you do not show her faults to your wife, she will find those faults in you.

Who does not see you when you are sitting down will not notice you when you are standing up.

A fool will tell about himself even when he isn’t asked.

Only a donkey’s dung will grow on the field of dreams.

The one will judge a job most heavily who cannot do it himself.

If you’ve sit at the table with an evil person, don’t wait leave your coat and go.

After giving hand to a mullah, check your ring whether the stone is still there.

The wind breaks a lone tree more easily.

Wine reveals rust in a person.

The house that has no guests is an unhappy one.

The one who is wrong constantly justifies himself for – everything.

Good clothes do not make an evil man more kind.

Kindness does not exist in an unfriendly family.

When they said: “Let’s fight bad people.” The worst prepared his weapon first.

He, who flatters you before your eyes, swears at you behind your ears.

Conceit – a mountain neighbouring on stupidity.

Do not look at the clock when a guest enters your home.

He is not a friend who brings pain to your heart.

One dirty lamb spoils the whole flock.

A lazy person is always going to do something.

Living for yourself you do not live.

The one who was frightened once will be frightened again.

He, who sows evil, reaps repentance.


He who spends his youth in idleness will repent in his old age.

If you get a son in your old age, you won’t be able to bring him up.

The best medicine is moderateness in everything.

The young live in hope, the old in reminiscences.

The frame of mind of the young is the character of the future generation.

The young are strong in strength, the old people – in wisdom.

Where there are no good oldsters there are no good youngsters.

At times an old tree stands firm and a young one falls.

Even an old lion won’t turn in a fox.

Let others grow rich, all I need is health.

Old age – this is a stool for ailments.

Don’t tell about headache to one who hasn’t it.

Who has not been ill does not know the price of health.

Youth is like a diamond, if you lost you won’t find it.

Illness and durty are friends.

Death does not exist for peoples.

Old age begins when courage dies.

Praise the old, but take the young.

Readiness for treatment is the beginning of cure.


First see who is listening to you and then begin your speech.

Stretch your legs, after having glanced over your blanket.

Don’t quarrel with the boatman when you are crossing the river.

Don’t put a youth that has fallen of a donkey, onto a racehorse.

It is better to move without purpose than to sit still.

Don’t ask an advice of a bachelor in looking for a bride.

Be more afraid of the judge than of the court.

Don’t divide the meat of a living bear.

Relying on what is lying in the grass, don’t throw away what you have in your hand.

Don’t play with fire or put your trust on water.

Don’t wake a sleeping bear.

Do not tell aloud your secret in the woods and in darkness.

During hay-moving time remember about the violent snowstorm.

Follow the way of knowledge, no matter where it happens to be.

While the hare is still in the bushes, don’t put the pot on the stove.

Who has crossed a river does not have to fear dew.

It is easier to pluck nettles with someone else’s hands.

If you smash the head of a snake, it’s tail will calm down itself.

If time doesn’t follow you, follow it yourself.

If you stick a finger into your enemy’s mouth, you’ll remain without the finger.

You won’t catch up that which doesn’t exist, even on a fast horse.

Who hasn’t been ill, he doesn’t know the value of health.

Do not put your finger into a wolf’s jaws.

Rocks are not thrown into the stream you drink from.

A snake has to be killed before it is transformed into a dragon.

Tie down a donkey first, then give him over to the gods.

Do not leave till tomorrow what you have to do today, but that which you are planning to eat today do leave till tomorrow.

If you are alone on the road – have eyes also at the back of your head.

Your own donkey is better than someone’s horse.

Having killed a snake do not leave a young snake.

To want – this does not mean yet to hold the world in your palm.

You can’t tear off two skins from one sheep.

Do not lean upon water and don’t trust enemy.

The one, who has fallen himself he should not cry.

If you run ahead, glance behind you.

A foal is chosen for its mother.

Do not abandon your felt cloak even on a sunny day.

The key is selected for a lock and not the lock for a key.

If you don’t get into the water – you will never learn how to swim.

If you aim at two, you will not hit a single one.

It is better to have soup today than porridge tomorrow.

Don’t think that the quiet forest is empty: there may be a tiger hiding there.

Do not look for a big flok, look for a good breed.

Do not sum up when starting on your way, sum up when you return.

Do not laugh over those who stumbled before you.

Finish a job first than take pride.


A person is unable to be his own judge.

A liar will always find what to say.

A good person brings peace.

The hand knows were the mouth is.

Even a fool speaks the truth at times.

A person doesn’t value what he has.

What a blind person wants is eyes.

Who is not of benefit to himself will not bring benefit to others.

A loafer is worse than a scarecrow – the scarecrow at least frightens the animals away.

If you fall into the water you cannot come out of it dry.

There are many insects in stagnant water.

Two bears cannot live in one lair.

Who has not imbibed bitter fruits will not know the sweet.

Until you have untied your bag, you won’t learn what’s in it.

The snake is killed for its sting.

The one who burned on milk will blow at clotted milk too.

One mountine doesn’t need another, but a man cannot exist without other man.

To ask: “Will you eat?” is the same as if to say: “Don’t eat.”

A broken pitcher will not hold water.

She who has sinned secretly will give birth evidently.

Iron will shine when near gold.

It was not the one who said – “Jump”, who fractured his leg, but the one who had jumped.

If the heart does not see, then there are holes in his eyes.

Fire can kindle a fire.

A plucked apple will not grow again.

If a person isn’t lucky, he will break his teeth on hominy too.

No matter how hungry a wolf is – he will not kill a sheep near his lair.

When there is a shortage of fodder, a calf eats much.

Not to take care of and not to possess is one and the same thing.

A secret known to three is no longer a secret.

One tree is not a garden; one stone is not a wall.

Whether the pig spotted or brown – it remains a pig.

The eagle whirls there where the meat is.

War kills sons and doesn’t give birth to them.

Where there is water there can be ice.

Every bird loves its nest.

Gold settles down at the bottom of patience.

Not having seen what is bad you will not value what is good.

No matter how much you cry: “Honey! Honey!” it won’t be any sweeter in your mouth.

He who has no spade will not have a garden.

Incessant rains and clouds don’t exist.

Deep waters flow silently.

He who is blown away by the storm grabs even at a bush.

If there is a wedding – grief to the chicken, if a funeral repast – again grief to the chicken.

If you’ve come to the bathhouse you have to sweat.

A dogs, which looks for something will find either a bone or a stick.

A needed stone is not heavy.

What is not in a cup will not spill out.

Honey will turn bitter if you eat to much of it.

Realised poverty is better than hopelessly awaited wealth.

It is better to die as a cockerel than live as a hen.

If you are getting drowsy, you don’t choose a pillow: if you fall in love – you don’t choose beauty.

You don’t dance to all kinds of music.

Gunpowder and fire are enemies.

When there are too many shepherds, the sheep die.


Even if you wash the crow with soap – it remains black.

A familiar crocked road is shorter than a strange straight road.

A hen can only lay eggs.

No matter where the fox goes – her tail follows her.

Meowing, a cat will not catch mice.

It is easy to get in a prison but hard to get out.

Beware of an angry woman more that an angry man.

The road of truth is wide.

Although it’s easy to destroy, it’s difficult to restore.

A downpour passes quickly, while a fine rain lasts longer.

One rotten pear will make a hundred pears rot.

What one person can’t do, can be done by two.

Then it was asked: Whose head is most beautiful – the turtle stretched out its head.

If you enter a burdock field – you’ll be full of burrs.

What is pleasant to the soul is beautiful to the eye.

The one standing on the bank – is a skilful rower.

The only one the horse hadn’t thrown off was the one who had never got up on it.

If you take pity on the enemy, you’ll be wounded.

It happens that you fling something away with your foot, and later pick it up with your teeth.

Don’t look at a horse’s teeth presented to you by a friend.

Two watermelons together will not fit under your armpit.

There is medicine for everything except death.

Who finds the ascent will find the descent.

Hunger does not know shame, wealth – retains.

Even feather grass does not flutter without a wind.

If you warm a snake at your breast, it will sting your breast.

It isn’t difficult to throw pebbles, but if you don’t know how to do it – you might get them in somebody’s neck.

Only fire makes iron soft.

One can spoil something done by ten.

A humble sheep is milked thrice.

After the bullock cart has broken, innumerable people are eager to sow the road.

Even dough forms a crust after lying still for a long time.

The aul was burnt with one spark.

An apple tree bears only apples.

An old wolf hunters for grasshoppers.

You cannot fill a bottomless tub with water. Tears will not come to the eyes without sorrow in your heart, rain will not fall without clouds in the sky.

Where the head, the tail follows, if you follow the crow – you’ll come to carrion.

A little bit is better than nothing.

A lame dog limps but not for long: until he notices a wolf.

His house and everything in it burnt down; he called the people – they didn’t believe him.

You cannot kill game that has not been tracked.

There is no secret that will not become evident.

The fur of a fox is the fox’s enemy.

In the calf you see the bullock.

The crow calls its fledgling white and the hedgehog – soft.

Let the whole world be in water – the duck has no sorrow because of that.

The one who takes is more generous than the one gives – he returns what he has taken.

How should donkey know the benefit of a down?

Snow is white and beautiful, but people trample it.

Only that lamp gives light that burns at home.

A donkey will not become a gazelle from fast race.

There are no fish that don’t know how to swim.

The one, who eats salt, drinks water.

Life is like salty water: the more you drink, the greater the thirst.

If one could do something through shouting, the donkey would have built seven houses every day.

For a good horse it is enough to show the lash.

The stars sparkle more brightly on a moonless night.

If a cat had wings – the sparrows would not be alive.

Even if the herd is held up, the evening will take its course.

Flowers grow in a dump too.

A too zealous horse tires quickly.

There is no onion n earth that would smell of apples.

If you run to the smell of shashlyk – you will find yourself in the place where donkeys are branded.

If you cut off a wolf’s tail, it will not turn into a dog.

Where the front wheels will pass, the back wheels will not bog down.

Where the carrion – there the crow, where the deceased – there the mullah.

Even a weak light will shine far in the dark.

All the people live under one sky.

Two dewdrops and they are dissimilar.

If a person hasn’t his own wings, he will not become winged with strange ones.

If you leave a bull with donkeys, he either will become a donkey or will learn to kick.

Fruit will ripen in its own time.

Let in a pig to the threshing-floor, it’ll get to the top.

Having dragged off one chicken, the hawk will return for another.

Even if you saddle a donkey, it’ll remain a donkey.

A child of a mouse gnaw a sack, a child of a wolf kills a sheep.

When a buffalo has its young, no one knows of it, but when a hen lays an egg – hundreds of neighbours hear it.

A horseman knows nothing of a pedestrian’s thoughts.

A duckling knows water when it is inside the egg yet.

A rock rolling down a mountain stops only in the ravine.

A dog scares its own tail.

The water is purer at its source.

It happens that a cart is loaded into a boat, and a boat is loaded onto a bullock cart.

If you cook for three, the fourth will also be replete.

If you do not want war, strengthen your surroundings (people).

Even a dog will swim when the water seeps under its tail.

Sometimes wind sways even a tall plane tree, and bad things are said about a good man.

When the hare was asked – “What is good?” It replied – “To see a dog before it sees you.”

He who has not felt someone else’s pain will not rejoice at his own happiness.

When death threatens, even a mouse will bite.

Do not rush or forget yourself.

With truth on your lips go to another one’s home like to your own.

If you don’t envy anyone, you will not know any sorrow.

He who has fallen off a horse will blame the saddle-girth.

A bad fellow traveller like a bad weapon is one and the same.

What your wife knows is no longer a secret.

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