To the Adiga (Circassian) people in Jordan, and everywhere else...

My letter on behalf of the Adiga in me.

To the Adiga (Circassian) people in Jordan, and everywhere else...

автор Fadi Malkosh, написано 27 Март 2011г. в 22:42

My letter on behalf of the Adiga in me.

First and foremost, I refuse to label myself as anything other than Adiga. I am not Arab, I am not Middle-Eastern, I am not Russian, I am not Jordanian. And even though the word Circassian in English refers to my people, why should I use a foreign term to label myself. Just as I say Muslim, just as I say Allah, I will use the real and original term "Adiga" rather than "Circassian".

That being said, I will move forward…

I see all this political rubbish being discussed, and more than anything I find it incredible that Adiga people have ALWAYS throughout history sided by and been loyal to every entity other than themselves.

We fought for the Ottomans, Syrians, Jordanians, Palestinians, Americans, Germans, Israelis…etc. We stopped Genghis Khan, pushed his army back into Mongolia and saved Islam. We don’t owe Islam anything, Muslims owe us everything. We don’t owe a single THING to any people or any country or any religion except our own.

For every Adiga person out there, be true to yourself and for once stop the act. Stop the loyalty to other nations. What other country has helped us in our time of need? What people have stepped to the plate and stopped the Russian genocide? What leader, king, political front of ANY other country has pointed out to the genocide of the Adiga people under the soviets? Has Syria sent any troops to the Caucasus or Chechnya? Has the king of Jordan publicly CONDEMMED the SLAUGHTER of Adiga people in Russia? Have the Ottomans not betrayed our trust? Have the Turks not kept us from raising our flags in honor? Has any American leader raised the issue of Sochi with regards to Russia’s Putin?

A few kind words from leaders and politicians, and we feel so obligated to show our unconditional loyalty. This is our story for decades. Ottomans, Arabs, and the likes have used Islam against us. This is a FACT in every Adiga’s inner belief. So why don’t you be true to yourself and stop living this false and fake lie, that we haven’t been robbed of every single thing we ever had. We are without a country, without a home, without even a trace and in less than 2 decades our language is lost as well. I am sad that I have to type this letter in English, I am ashamed that I cannot relay this in Adigabza.

We have come to the aid of every people during their time of need…our blood is shed on their lands, for their protection. So WHY this exceptional loyalty to another people? Who has helped us in our time of need??

“Free Palestine”….how about free Kavkaz?! “We die for Hashemites”…how about Hashemites fight for the freedom of Kavkaz?!...”We serve in the American Army”…how about America send their troops to Chechnya?

I refuse to take part of any political reform for a country that has NEVER taken a physical action to help my republic. So keep marching to the beat of other people’s fights, keep sacrificing yourself to the will of people that have never lifted a finger, paid a nickel, or took a stance in the defense of your diaspora.
And don’t send me your pathetic attempt, trying to silence what I am saying, to save face in front of people who have never helped you. I, ME, I am your brother, your blood, your true fellow Man. So for once show your loyalty to your own people. It’s not selfish, it’s self-preservation. 

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