Statement of Denunciation and Condemnation about Russian Authorities’ Repressive Violations Against the Circassian Activist Andzor Akhokhov

"The Circassian Question still needs to be resolved to restore the legitimate rights to their respective owners, in accordance with the international laws and norms"

The undersigned Circassian activists both in the Circassian homeland and in Diaspora and alienation homelands denounce the repressive and irresponsible behaviors undertaken and performed by the Russian security authorities in Nalchik, the capital city of the Republic of Kabardino - Balkaria against the Circassian activists, flouting all international agreements, commitments and resolutions in defiance and blatant violation of the international charters, covenants and conventions, rather Russian legislations in regard to human rights.

We recall in this regard the arrest of the Circassian activist Andzor Akhokhov, committed by Russian police and intelligence in Nalchik on the 7th of February, 2014, beside dozens of his Circassian fellow activists who wanted to demonstrate peacefully and in a civilized manner, by raising banners and Circassian flags that showed their opinions, positions and their sympathy with their nation, and to express their protest against holding the Winter Olympic Games in Circassian Sochi on the official opening day, as Circassians expressed their rejection of these games, which were held on the land of the Circassian Genocide, and to inform Russia and the world, the Circassian Question still needs to be resolved to restore the legitimate rights to their respective owners, in accordance with the international laws and norms.
As usual, the Russian authorities showed anger, intolerance, intransigence and arbitrariness. Dozens of peaceful protesters were arrested for the mere participation in a serious and purposeful peaceful rally. As a result, Andzor Akhokhov  was dealt with in blatantly brutal suppression of speech, as well as subsequent stress and received torturer, moderate injury – traumatic brain injury, concussion injuries and burns from electric shocks, which was confirmed by doctors in the expert medical lab, where he visited after release from prison. The detainees were transferred to the investigation, and some of them brought to justice. 
As if the detention operations, accompanied by intended abuse, systematic torture and harassment suffered by brother Andzor Akhokhov were not only directed against him, but that suggests a message addressed to the people with conscience, the patient and steadfast at their homeland, who are defending with their faith, bodies, souls and with everything they could, of determination and constancy the right of their Circassian nation in defending its survival and freedom in the present and future.
The undersigned call upon those with live-conscience for solidarity with brother Andzor Akhokhov urging the Russian authorities to end immediately all kinds of harassment, bullying, discrimination and abuse that are still taking place against him and against all Circassian activists, and they call upon all human rights organizations in the world, the friendly countries, the European Commission of Human Rights, the United Nations Human Rights Council and all peace-loving peoples yearning for freedom to perform their humanitarian duty to defend the Circassian people’s legitimate civil and human rights, and to save the oppressed people from the clutches of oppression and tyranny.
Truth will prevail ...
The signatories:
1. HAPI CEVDET YILDIZ- BANDIRMA/TURKEY, Historian, Researcher, Author of website.
2. MAHMUT BI-BURSA/TURKEY, Historian, Researcher-, Author of website.
4. KHUADE ADNAN- MAYKOP/CIRCASSSIA, Tradesman, Representative to Patriots of Circassia in Circassia.
5. KUBE NURHAN FIDAN - ISTANBUL/TURKEY, author of website, Correspondent Spokesman to Patriots of Circassia.
6. SHALAXHO RAGIP METE - SAKARYA/TURKEY, Teacher, Correspondent Spokesman to Patriots of Circassia.
7. HABRACHO MURAT ÖZDEN- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, President of Maltepe Circassian Association.
8. HUST SEMIH AKGUN – ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Author of website, Activist.
9. Ph.D. OMER AYTEK KURMEL -ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Researcher – Author of website.
10. JADE WUMAR DENIZ - SAKARYA/TURKEY, Editor of website.
11. Ph.D. KARDEN MURAT YILDIRIM – ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Attorney at Law, Correspondent Spokesman to Patriots of Circassia.
13. YESHI MUSTAFA SAADET, ISTANBUL/TURKEY,Deputy Chairman of Pluralist Democracy Party
14. BALKAR SELCUK- VAN/TURKEY, Academic – Author.
15. THATL SACIT TUNC- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Maltepe Circassian Association, Member of the Board of Directors.
16. HATX YALCIN KARABULUT- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Maltepe Circassian Association, Member of the Board of Directors.
18. MIQOD NAHIDE DEMIR AYBAT – KONYA/TURKEY, President of Konya Circassian Association.
19. TSEY YILMAZ DONMEZ- AMASYA/TURKEY, Vice President of Adygea Language Association.
21. MELGOSH İLHAMI DEMIR- TOKAT/TURKEY,President of Kozlu Caucasus Association.
23. GOGO DJANER- KAYSERİ/TURKEY,Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
24. PSHIKHUSE TEKNUR BASOK- ISTANBUL/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
25. MAUSHE HUSEYIN ULAMLI-YOZGAT/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
26. ŞAMİL KARABULUT YOZGAT/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
27. DAVUT KANKANAT - YOZGAT/TURKEY, Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
28. PESEREY HAMİT ESEN - Activist ,Patriots of Circassia.
29. Ph.D. IBRAHIM FAROUQ Varoqua - The Circassian Diaspora, Autor and Activist.
30. ALMIR ABREG - Mykop, Republic of Adydea, Activist.
31. IYAD YOUGHAR - USA, President of International Circassian Council.
32. OMER ERKAN- Munich, Germany, Activist.
33. MAVİŞ ERKAN - Munich, Germany, Activist.
34. MMURAT TANER- Munich, Germany, Activist.
35. MAZİN LİBZO - Amman, Jordan, Activist.
36. SAMİL SERT - Munich, Germany, Activist.
37. ENDER MUTLU- Munich, Germany, Activist.
38. ERSAN GÖZTAŞ - Munich, Germany, Activist.
39. ADAM KAVKAZİ Kavkazi - Munich, Germany, Activist.
40. YUSUF YILDIRIM - Munich, Germany, Activist.
41. YUSUF ATİK  - Linz, Austria, Activist.
42. ZAID VWICH - USA, Activist.
43. TAMER NART- Munich, Germany, Activist.
44. ADEL BASHQAWI - Amman, Jordan, Writer and Activist.
45. BELAL BAIRAM BASHKOR -   The Circassian Diaspora, Activist.
46. MAJD GHOTOQ - The Circassian Diaspora, Activist.
47. ZOHER THAWCHO - KFAR KAMA, ISRAEL, the Circassian Heritage Center.
49. DANNY BAJDOUGH - USA, Activist.
50. BADRIA GHAZI - USA, Activist.
51. HASSAN  YOUGHAR - USA, Activist.
52. GINA HABOUKH- USA, Activist.
53. SIMA CHABAN - USA, Activist.
53. DANIA CHABAN - USA, Activist.
54. MOTAZ QADAN - USA, Activist.
55. OMAR TSAY  - USA, Activist.
56. DALAL SHAKER - USA, Activist.
57. Radio Adiga - Kfar Kama.
58. HAXHU KOCHAS- ISRAEL/KFAR KAMA, President of Free Circassians.
59. NART SHAWA- USA, Activist.
60. YANAL SHAWA - USA, Activist.
61. ROUHI SHHALTOUGH - Amman, Jordan, Doctor.
62. ISHAQ MOLA - Amman, Jordan, Ambassador.
63. MOHAMMAD  SHAHANKARI - Amman, Jordan, Ambassador.
64. MOHAMMAD  AZOKA - Amman, Jordan, Insurance Agent, Author of the Circassian Question Book, Activist.

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