Federation of Caucasian Associations of Turkey (KAFFED) threatens to leave the ICA

ICA: "Some say that ICA is a pro-Russian organization. But Circassians live in Russia, we are part of the Russian people and should be a creative resource, not a problem for the country."

Balagh IqbalPublication of the grant application of International Circassian Association on the official website of the Public Chamber of Russia for the "Information counteraction of ethnocentric ideology on the Internet" project has caused a strong negative reaction from some Circassian public organizations. ICA was accused of betrayal and aspiring to counteract the Circassian national movement.

"Such reaction is surprising for us", said Arsen Mukozhev, the Executive Director of ICA to “Gazeta Yuga" newspaper. Worldwide network presents a lot of information about the history of the Caucasian war, its causes and consequences of mass departure of Adygs from their historical homeland. Some people claim that it was not genocide, and that the Circassians did not want to live with Russians, that Adygs had an alternative to resettlement and they could stay in their land. We wanted to counter this, based on irrefutable archive documents. There are also issues related to the Nart epos, Kabardian horses are native breed of Circassia, the first climbing the Elbrus, the historical territory of residence of Adygs and so on."

According to Arsen Mukozhev, this issue has caused concern in the foreign Adyghe diaspora: "To avoid misunderstandings, we translated our application to the Circassian language and passed the text to our fellow-countrymen. We explained our position to representatives of Adyg community in Turkey, who recently visited Nalchik, and came to an agreement."

Speaking about the position of ICA in connection with the statement of some representatives of the Circassian community to the Ukrainian government with the request for the recognition of the Circassian genocide, Arsen Mukozhev noted that genocide was recognized by the highest legislative bodies of Kabardino-Balkaria and Adygea: "We are not against its recognition. Conversely, ICA has repeatedly called to the Russian leadership on the matter. But we do not want Circassians to become a bargaining chip in the political confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. Furthermore, we do not like that such politician as Oleg Lyashko, known for his nationalistic views volunteered to represent Adygs in this process. Earlier also we did not want us to be associated with the regime of Saakashvili."

Arsene Mukozhev believes that the controversy surrounding the grant application and the possible recognition of the genocide of Circassians by Kiev have deeper motives: "With pressure from Western countries there is a tendency to push aside the ICA and shift the center of the Circassian national movement to Turkey, where lives the largest Adyghe diaspora. In this scenario, in the Circassian national movement should win the forces with anti-Russian goals. Does it benefit the Circassians, whose historical homeland is in Russia? Some say that ICA is a pro-Russian organization. But Circassians live in Russia, we are part of the Russian people and should be a creative resource, not a problem for the country."

According to a source close to the leadership of KAFFED - Federation of Caucasian Associations in Turkey, at a meeting in Nalchik, the ex-president of the organization Vadzhit Kadioglu demanded that ICA President Hauti Sohrokov disprove published in the official national press statement saying that the position of the International Circassian Association declaims an appeal to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on the recognition of the Circassian genocide was agreed with KAFFED President Yashar Aslankaya. It was stressed that if the ICA continue to tolerate inconsistent public statements, the Turkish side will withdraw from it.


Gazeta Yuga №29

English translation services provided by: Circassian News Network, Alan Dja Mirzé

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  1.   Что же Вы тиражируете, этот пасквиль МЧА?Не беспокойтесь, они и без Вас с этим справятся, совместно с KAFFED.Вообще ,что-то непонятное творится с черкесским сайтами  за последнюю неделю(имею ввиду в частности  еще и сайт NatPress).Складывается впечатление что Вы перестали работать в черкесских интересах.Вас, что купили?

  2. 1) Именно с подачи aheku.net была высвечена вся эта грязная история с KAFFED и МЧА. И ни на одном другом ресурсе вместе столько информации по этому не найти. 

    Ответ МЧА (а интервью с г-ном Мукожевым это он и есть), мы опубликовали, поскольку считаем его важным: только полный идиот поверит в ту ахинею, которую нам предлагают съесть, но важнее другое - представитель МЧА открыто признал, что МЧА не является никакой "международной черкесской" организацией, а является просто российской лавочкой, чья миссия только в одном - чтобы черкесы не были для России проблемой. Более того - этот человек утверждает, что "черкесы живут в России", хотя не хуже нас с вами знает, что подавляющее число черкесов в России не живут, а живут в Турции, но их он принимать в расчет отказывается.

    Не менее показательно и сообщение от KAFFED, которая НИЧЕГО не намерена делать в связи со скандалом, как явствует из информации в тексте. Это правильно, что предательское поведение KAFFED и МЧА вызывает столько возмущения и неприязни, но зачем же на людей кидаться? Почитайте текст внимательнее, он здесь опубликован на двух языках. 

    2) natpress.info взломан и захвачен вечером 14 июля. Администрация ресурса пока не получила доступа к нему. Мы об этом узнали сегодня, поскольку никто от сайта  на нас не выходил, а сами мы его не мониторим каждый день. Так что на данный момент указанный портал - захвачен, по всей видимости, - российскими хаккерами.

    3) По-русски лучше писать под русскоязычными новостями, тем более, что точно такая же статья висит рядом на русском языке. Здесь пишите на адыгэбзэ (он везде уместен - это черкесский ресурс), английском, турецком или любом другом языке, кроме русского, - для последнего и так полно места в других места сайта. Уважайте наших нерусскоязычных гостей. Или Вы, подобно г-ну Мукожеву, тоже считаете что "черкесы живут в России" и более нигде? Это последний коммент под этой статьей на русском языке. Спасибо.


  3. "The Federal Agency for the Circassian Different Nation of the Russian Federation" (ROSCIRCAS)


  4. "Some say that ICA is a pro-Russian organization. But Circassians live in Russia, we are part of the Russian people and should be a creative resource, not a problem for the country."

    Recalling these words can make three conclusions: 

    1) The ICA is not "international" and "Circassian" organization, as she calls herself, is a Russian agency for the Circassians, which follows from the words of its official representative. 
    2) Its main mission is to Circassians were not for Russia, "the problem." 
    3) Guide ICA believes that "Circassians live in Russia", which means that they do not take into account the interests of the 9/10 of the Circassian people, most of whom live in Turkey. 


  5. You probably all know that during the WWII Nazi Germans created an auxiliary police force in jewish ghettos that consisted of Jews only. These Ghetto policemen served the Nazis, and at times they were even more cruel to their fellow jews than the Germans themselves. They hunted down Jewish resistance members, snitched to their masters, betraying their compatriots every single day. Some of them even developed antisemitic attitude. At the end, they shared the same fate as all the other Ghetto Jews - they were sent to extermination camps.

    This is what today's ICA reminds me of - it has become a force that works against Circassians, worldwide. Instead of being an International Circassian Association it is now an International anti-Circassian Association. When it was formed 22 years back, they seemed to be a ray of light, a ray of hope for Adyghe people around the globe. Over time, the ICA has been hijacked from Circassians by their foes and now simply follows these people command. Can you name a single - A SINGLE - pro-Circassian step they took in the last 10 years? I can't. But what I can do is I can name dozens of anti-Circassian, controversial and bluntly virulent actions they took AGAINST Circassian interests.

    It is nothing new, though. During the Russo-Circassian War in 1763-1864 there were Circassians who fought against Circassians on the Russian side. Bot those Circassians were more straightforward, more conscientious, more honest than the ICA, because they never claimed they fought for Circassians or defended the Adyghe Cause. They openly declared they fought for Russians, for gold, land and other rewards. The ICA liars just don't have the dignity to acknowledge that.

  6. And what you want, if the second person in the ICA M. Hafitsa "former" KGB employee.

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